Love Street Light Circus

In the Sixties,I was living in Houston where there was a really cool nightclub downtown called Love Street Light Circus.They had a trippy area in front of the stage with big pillows on the floor where you could groove to the bands.We would be down there most weekends for the best local music like the Conqueroo,Shiva’s Headband,Bubble Puppy(they had a national hit called Hot Smoke and Sassafras),and Johnny Winter.Once before he got discovered by Steve Paul,Johnny impressed Janis Joplin so much that she tried to recruit him for her new band.One time after the 13th Floor Elevators played,the guys in the band decamped to our house on West Main,where Roky Erickson convinced me to “loan” him my copy of the 2nd Velvet Underground album(which of course I never saw again).


One thought on “Love Street Light Circus

  1. thomannp

    I saw 13th Floor there I think three times I say I think because I was so loaded with acid that I forgot I was male. That was a great when I rediscovered it.


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