Lowell George

Little Feat

Lowell GeorgeLittle Feat was always one of my favorite bands ever since they came into existence.I was thinking about all the shows from the old days on Lowell George’s birthday a couple of days ago.They used to play Liberty Hall in Houston on a regular basis,usually on a co-headlining gig with Bonnie Raitt (who had a compact group back then with Freebo on Bass).Little Feat was almost considered our band in those days,what with songs like the Texas Rose Cafe.I guess they were appreciated likewise in other Locales like Baltimore and Atlanta.When I moved up to Chicago in ’73,they used to play at the Aragon Ballroom which was where they recorded their incredible live album Waiting for Columbus,a career retrospective double record.I somehow missed Lowell’s solo gig at the Park West and he died soon after that.His song Willin’ is always a favorite at the clubs I frequent so he’s never forgotten.


One thought on “Little Feat

  1. AnnieH

    We surely did love them here in CinCity, too!! Close enough to the Mason-Dixon line to know some Dixie Chickens and Tennessee lambs :>)


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